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History of NetHeadz Internet Services, Inc.

[Picture of T. Benner] T he roots of NetHeadz lie back in the 1986 introduction of network computing to the firm's founder, Todd Benner. Mr. Benner had just started his programming career at Detroit Edison's Fermi II Nuclear Power Plant, when he was introduced to the office's Data General 'CEO' mini-computer system. The availability of networked laser printers and corporate electronic mail (email) soon set the wheels spinning in Mr. Benner's head regarding the future possibilities of business communications using widespread electronic networks.

Our story resumes in 1993, the year that the word 'Internet' enters the lexicon of mainstream American business, thanks in part to progressive journalism on the part of Fortune Magazine. An article detailing two start-up ISPs (the WELL and ECHO) catches Mr. Benner's attention, and enlightens him to the existence and capabilities of this 'new' global network tagged 'The Internet'. Once again, the wheels start turning.

1994 soon arrives, and with it a new modem and PPP connection that allows the firm's founder to begin exploring the rapidly expanding 'Net. Mr. Benner quickly leaves behind his 'Internet Rookie' designation with the help of peers, training, and his daily exposure to the Internet in his new role as a Systems Analyst at the University of Michigan Health Center.

It is here at UM that Mr. Benner meets a co-worker whose neighbor happens to be a communications engineer supporting Ford Motor Company's TCP/IP network. Upon dropping by his co-worker's home one day, Mr. Benner encounters the engineer neighbor, and hears his plans for the creation of a high-bandwidth, low-cost Internet Access Provider. The neighbor details a plan where he and a group of other individuals from such noteworthy firms such as Ford Science and Research Laboratories, Monsanto, and Cisco plan on pooling their time, talent, and money to create what is now known as the Michigan Internet Communications Association (

Mr. Benner, excited by what he hears, quickly decides to cast his lot with the newly formed organization. For the next one and a half years, Mr. Benner expends a tremendous amount of effort helping the Internet cooperative get on its feet and begin the growth trend that continues to this day. It is this entrepreneurial adventure that sows in his mind the question of how to replicate the co-op's successful approach in the rapidly growing genre of the World Wide Web.

That question was answered by the creation of NetHeadz Internet Services, Inc.
NetHeadz was incorporated in the State of Michigan on January 5th of 1996, and went online in February 1996.

NetHeadz now offers one of the most affordable and comprehensive suite of website and consulting services in the Southeastern Michigan / Northern Ohio area.

And now, you know the rest of the story. Good Day!
(Apologies to Paul Harvey)

NetHeadz Staff/Associates Biographies

Todd Benner, President of NetHeadz Internet Services Inc., is a graduate of Monroe Community College with an Associate degree of Commerce in Electronic Data Processing. He is employed at the University of Michigan Medical Center as a Systems Analyst. Mr. Benner is also currently pursuing a BBA degree (3.89 GPA) from Eastern Michigan University, majoring in Business Systems.

With over a decade of professional experience as a database programmer/analyst, Mr. Benner obtained the status of Top Gun as an Information Builders Professional Service Consultant, while consulting at Ford Motor Company and Detroit Edison. Mr. Benner joined in June of 1994, and assisted in the creation of the company's Business Plan, office resource procurement, online customer tracking system, and Web site. Mr. Benner served as's first Vice President of Marketing, and functioned as the co-op's original online email and USENET presence. The task(s) of setting up the co-op's monthly Member meetings and newsletter publication also fell into Mr. Benner's role with the co-op.


Dave Rainsberger, Site Development Associate, has a Certificate in PC Repair from Davis College of Toledo, and is currently working towards a Computer Science degree.

Mr. Rainsberger is also currently employed as a Network Administrator and Computer Repair Technician for Alto American Lincoln in Bowling Green, Ohio. His experience includes implementation and maintenance of the following: NT Server, MS Exchange, Windows 3.1 through 95, MS Office, and various applications. Mr. Rainsberger also supports and troubleshoots all aspects of his companies Local Area Network and will be an active participant in the soon to be born company Intranet.

While fairly new to web design, Dave possesses an unique talent in graphics and web design. Between family duties and his fanaticism for the Detroit Lions, Mr. Rainsberger also functions as as a freelance consultant and Web site developer.


NetHeadz web sites developed with Dave Rainsberger as lead designer:

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