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About NetHeadz Internet Services, Inc.

The NetHeadz Mission:
To provide organizations with affordable Internet consultation, and web presence solutions that offer outstanding quality, innovation, and performance.

Distinctive Design!

NetHeadz focuses on two essential aspects of web design: originality and technology. First, NetHeadz specializes in original web design. NetHeadz creates completely distinctive layouts for your personal company profile. With this methodology, your site stands apart, both in text and design. We want your web site to stand apart in the same way that your company does. Secondly, NetHeadz utilizes the latest graphic design techniques and scripting features. We continually research the latest HTML, CGI-BIN, Javascript, and scripting tools in order to provide your page with functionality apart from the crowd, not a part of it.

Aesthetics and Practicality!

NetHeadz appreciates that most of your potential customers use modems rather than having direct Ethernet connectivity. As web designers and users, we know how frustrating it can be to wait an excessive amount of time for pages to download. With this in mind, NetHeadz creates pages that not only maintain high aesthetic quality, but also practicality. We use the 30 second test for all our web design. Each site must completely download within 30 seconds using a 28.8 kps modem. By applying the 30 second test, your company name reaches many more potential customers worldwide. At NetHeadz, we don't add 'fluff' or 'flash' for the purpose of showing off. Our only goal is to make your website engaging and efficient.

Service is the Key....

  • At NetHeadz, we continually strive to provide 100% satisfaction. Our affordable prices place professionally rendered and results-driven websites into the reach of most small to medium sized organizations. Large organizations have been especially excited to find a web presence resource that doesn't attempt to take advantage of their "deep pockets".

  • NetHeadz develops your website for a one-time flat fee. During the project development period, you can at any time decide to change some element of your page without incurring extra costs.

  • Monthly costs for site maintenance and storage are kept purposely low to ensure that your new Internet resource fits squarely within your current marketing and communications budget.

    NetHeadz Web Server Specifications:

    • 24/7 in-house support
    • Weekly backups
    • Protective UPS units
    • Multiple redundant T3s and T1s communication lines to your web server
    • Unlimited page views
    • Unlimited email forwarding
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server with 24/7 access
    • SSL secure server
    • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications such as:
        Custom CGI scripts and mailing lists
        Java, Perl, Shell, C, C++, ODBC
        mySQL, mSQL relational database support
        ImageMap (clickable) support

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    clients have to say....

Make your own decision!

Before you decide on a web presence provider, take a look at our competitors and compare their philosophy and service with NetHeadz Internet Services, Inc.

We're confident that our services will exceed your expectations, and provide you with the *value added* features that are demanded in today's increasingly discriminating business climate.

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