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Unlock the Power of the Internet!

The Internet's World Wide Web - one of the hottest topics in the world today, is fast becoming known as the place to find new customers and conduct business.

Right now, your competitors are trying to figure out how to get on the Internet. All types of business and professionals are marketing on-line, including service professionals, retail stores, wholesale companies, distributors, medical professionals, non-profit organizations, publishers and a host of others.

WhatEVER type of product or service you have to offer, the Internet's World Wide Web is rapidly becoming an invaluable place to promote it.

Global Visibility...

More than 130 countries now have access to the Internet. Many companies that normally only received business from their domestic customer base, are now taking orders from people in places like Mexico, France, and Germany just to name a few. Prospects on other continents can access your company's information with the click of a button. Internet users pay the same rate regardless of whether they are accessing your business or one in Europe. It is guaranteed that you will be more than surprised at your first international (or out-of-state) inquiry because of your new website.

Constant communication....

Many companies use on-line announcements, newsletters, press releases, customer service information and documentation to keep in touch with their customers on the Internet. The ability to provide accurate, real-time information for your customers is an advantage of being on-line.

If you are modifying pricing, coming out with a new offering or simply providing fresh information, it would be a large effort to reprint your full-color paper brochures. But on your website, NetHeadz can implement an update that will be effective within 24 hours of your request.

Grow YOUR marketshare!

According to the Nielsen Ratings Corporation, there are in excess of 30 million people who access the Internet. Market segments within that 30 million are potentially very interested in learning about your offerings. NetHeadz works with you to design World Wide Web pages that appeal to your target market.

For most companies, beginning a marketing campaign on the Internet is complementary to other marketing activities. Some use it as their sole means for attracting new customers. When starting out, NetHeadz recommends approaching your on-line marketing campaign as a complementary promotional effort.

The key to on-line success is providing valuable information to people visiting your web pages. NetHeadz has numerous ideas for creating informative content, a critical element in any attempt at on-line outreach to your target market.

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